Getting Started

Everything you probably should know before you start



The purpose of the GTFS API is to make public transport routes and schedules available. At the moment, the API supports routes, trips, stops, calendars and agencies (see below for further details). Fares and transfers are not provided (yet?). Most of the public transport data available follow the model of... Read more »

Realtime API

The purpose of the Realtime API is to provide real-time data for each of Auckland’s public transport modes: buses, trains and ferries. At the time of writing, only real-time data for buses is available. Integration of real-time train data is in progress, and ferries are planned. Most of the public... Read more »

Locations API

The purpose of the Locations API is to publish geographical locations relevant to Auckland Transport. Format All API responses contain geo-location information in a standard format: { "id": "...", ... "latitude": ..., "longitude": ... } Depending on the type of location, further information is provided. Customer Service Centres The customer... Read more »

Tools API

The tools API covers miscellaneous “tools” - at the moment, the journey planner and the geo coder. Journey Planner The API for the geo coder is currently “public restricted”, i.e. only available to partners. Please contact us to either make it public, or get a partner access key. The journey... Read more »

New: Notifications API

The Notifications API publishes event data that has an impact on travel in general - public transport, and Auckland’s road network. Format The format for notifications is currently derived directly from the backend systems - and as such not (yet) normalised. We don’t know yet how these APIs are going... Read more »

Coming Soon: Display API

Coming soon. Read more »