Known Issues

Is it a bug or a feature?

Well, we’d like to be perfect, everything is working as designed all the time … but, you know: stuff happens … occasionally … it is complicated … it was the dog.

There are two “categories” of known issues: API related, and ATLabs related. API related issues (e.g. slow, wrong data, error messages) are managed by Auckland Transport, while ATLabs related issues are our domain. We do, however, have good connections into Auckland Transport, and part of the team that is running ATLabs is also supporting Auckland Transport’s API. So there you go: any issues, contact us, easy as.

Here are the things we know about:

API Issues

API Issue
Realtime API Protobuf response format is broken. JSON responses work as expected.
Locations API The points-of-interest API is broken, and returns an error message for all requests.

Labs Issues

Good news, we don’t know of any.