New API: Notifications

Which events may impact my travel?

October 27, 2016

We have a new API!

Getting from A to B is a lot more than just planning a journey to your destination, or following a schedule when using public transport. Travel is impacted by all sorts of things: that pothole is finally getting fixed, the stop you always use has moved, the ABs are trying to win again, or Slipknot is calling metal fans out of their basements - something is always happening in this city of ours.

Auckland Transport is now publishing the data they have through their api portal. It is a first “stab” at this, and clearly not particularly polished. We want to hear from you what you’d like to do with the data - what form should it take to be useful for you?

We added some details about this API to ATLabs, please see our getting started section for everything (?) worth knowing.

Leave us a note on Gitter; we’ll collect the feedback, and approach Auckland Transport to make this API the best it can be. Sounds good?